Entering the other dimension

There’re lines of trees on the mountain, the wind will guide you to face the empty land.

If you close your eyes, you will see you are there.

There’s a echo breeze of the ocean, which was the leaves clapping.

If you dare to make a sound, you will see the sacredness that has no bound.


High above you think you have arrived.

The exam is actually when you are down.

There’re flock of birds travel two by two and some are alone

Alone but not lonely, because they allow absolute freedom

If the other leaves, they will stay as bliss as they are now.


In between of the breath, there’s this depth, warmth, and energy.

It keeps on and off while you breathe

Many times you have to pay attention for it to stay longer.

Not that it hold you nor you hold it. It just there. Here.


May you reached the highest level.

Allowing the dark to posses you in a way you need no light.

So to enter darkness you no longer fear.

May you blossom into the Great One which is not.

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belajar dari kosong dan penuh

Menyelam melewati kedalaman kertas. Membawaku pada sebuah titik, aku tidak ingin dalam juga tak ingin dangkal. Latihan kriya yang ku praktekkan ternyata pelan-pelan membukakan jendela cahaya. Aku disuruh menarik nafas dan menahannya sejenak, memperhatikan reaksi tubuh, kemudian membuang nafas seluruhnya dan menahannya sejenak.

Mengalami kepenuhan dan kekosongan yang kita pegangi terus tentu saja bukan sifat alami kita. Dari nafas ini aku mempelajari bahwa tidak ada yang sepenuhnya nyaman dan cocok untuk aku. terkadang aku bisa menahan nafas lebih lama dalam kepenuhan, terkadang aku cukup nyaman dalam kekosongan. lain waktu lagi aku ternyata tidak nyaman dalam keduanya. Aku lebih ingin bernafas seperti biasa, mengambil dan membuang.

Mungkin dalam nafas ini aku belajar bahwa kehidupan ini sebenarnya sama. kita ingin sesuatu hingga berlebih juga tidak enak, berada di kondisi tidak memiliki sesuatu juga tidak nyaman. pelan-pelan aku belajar.. berada didalam laut yang tak kosong dan tak penuh ini.

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Rather all than one

When it’s easier to love all rather than to pursue one.

Why get one when you can get it all.

Time consume as same as other.

But not all attracts, only one attracts, slowly you understand there’s no you or me.

It’s just one, us.

When you connected to the source again, you are nothing like you use to think or feel.

Feeling is delusion.

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Small Realization

It was just 1 degree difference and before it was further i was warned.
It change all. The ‘slaps’ came insistently from person to another to another, till verses from a book. Then I knew it’s urgently need to shift.

Thank you to all Masters. I am so grateful to met you all at this moment of my life.

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Cluttered desk

Cluttered desk is a sign of a genius!  

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Albert Einstein.

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Night blah…blah…: “Where are you?”

bc2ff67236210302221b1511bab948abYesterday, someone asked me “where are you?

I was in the past thinking about future that eventually became NOW fills with the past that’s planned for the future. I know I’m here, but I’m also there.

And of course I didn’t say that, “I’m home.” I answer delightedly. “Have you ever heard a Zen story about it will pass? I tell you anyway. A student went to his meditation teacher and said, “My meditation is horrible! I feel so distracted, or my legs ache, or I’m constantly falling asleep. It’s just horrible!” “It will pass,” the teacher said matter-of-factly. A week later, the student came back to his teacher. “My meditation is wonderful! I feel so aware, so peaceful, so alive! It’s just wonderful!’ “It will pass,” the teacher replied matter-of-factly. It’s over, my 3days event was finished. I passed it. How are you hanging there?” I asked.

While the answered was meant to fill the gap off the air, my mind keeps presenting pictures taken while I was traveling. All picture was taken with a sincere smile as I reflect back at those moment preparing for the future to look nice and so did every picture that I can remember of was their smile.

“Hey…have i told you that story about ……….“the caller asked “Yes, of course! but you haven’t mention the detail” then the story continued.

Again a picture appeared on my mind, those precious moment, candidly taken by a friend. It was my back, the land were all sand, I was walking toward my teacher who’s facing the sea of emptiness, it’s just how it meant to be remembered. I can see the beach even though there were not on the picture.

How often do you really see that happened in your life?

I think feeling about those moment gave more meaning rather than knowing the reality of how it’s really happened.

That’s how I continue trying to answer the question “where am I?” even after I’m HOME.

Today I was having an interesting conversation with a friend.

Don’t lose your track back to home.” I said. calligraphy_i_have_arrived_i_am_home

I am the home, why do I need track to be back?


Where am I? I really don’t know what dimension I am……. There are so many NOW, yet can’t hold it NOW.



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Clogged shower drain bring fortune to hairdresser

  I want to tell you a story of one clogged  shower drain can started an appointment with a hairdresser.

One day there was a girl, who have a wavy black medium long hair who have a wish to one day have longer hair that will look like this(the picture below) 6months has passed since the day she went to her hairdresser who apparently was the hero who saved the girl’s hair from the damage of over treatment 8years ago. 

 Last few weeks, this girl’s shower drain was clogged and the waste water was filling up the drain everytime after shower. The girl realised, it was her hair that make the drain clogged. It have never happened before. Everytime she stroke her hair by fingers, her hair will fall and few haira will stuck between fingers.”It was a sign!”the girl thought. Her head was not able to bear much longer hair, she need to shorten it.

And so she made an appointment with her hairdresser the next day after. She was at the mood for the a massive change when she sat on the salon chair covered with a big cloth use to protect her clothes from the cut hair, seeing her face in the mirror for the last time with medium long hair, deep breathe, she decided that moment to let her hairdresser cut it as short as the hairdresser want.

Looking again at the mirror, she now saw a different girl, much mature which recall 17years ago she was at her shortest hair period.

It’s still odd to she herself having shorter hair, also her fingers doesn’t remember that her hair was not as long as before, the fingers expect to run it long while it stop feeling the hair after few centimeters.

And that’s how the hairdresser got a fortune because of a clogged shower drain. The end.


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