Tea with two masters

There was once quote in Zen saying: “when the student is ready, the master will appear”

I’ve been drinking much tea these past few days. There were numbers of chitchat ensue between pouring and slurping. Like every word needs to be digest. Each of every sip i drank, gulp down in my throat was warmness lingered bitter sweet hydrous on the back of my tongue.

My blood did flow harmoniously simple as if has no veins blockage. I guess it was the ginseng tea worked on it. To listen is always getting much more than do the talking. It’s much more swilling down than splashing out.

As far as i can reclaimed from those many pots of tea that i had, I’ve met two wonderingly living soul. A feeling of surprised mingled with admiration cause by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, and inexplicable.

I was quite washed out about how many pots of tea i had, bleached by the tea. But yet the ending of every meeting were a delightful midnight. Time has stopped, yet the lesson that i had from two elders is saved for my digesting mind.

I have a funny punchline to show that how our length of life can be so obviously difference us. “When i’m 80 years old, you’d be 90 years old, and you’d be at your 100th years.”


Click here “Three People, Three Decades, Three Kinds of Tea – A Whole New Mind” by Inge Santoso as response for this post. 🙂


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Love every water element: mist, dew, ocean, river, philosophy, art, music, sports, spirituality, etc
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